Safeway, Lucky’s & King Soopers Give-Back Cards Earn Centennial Money!

Do you shop at Safeway, Lucky’s Market, Lucky’s Cafe, Lucky’s Bakehouse or King Soopers? Use a grocery gift card from Centennial and the school will receive 5-7% of the amount you load onto the card! This generous program costs nothing extra to you. The card even comes pre-loaded with $5 to get you started.

Grocery cards are distributed at Locker Day and at other Centennial events. If you would like a card, please fill out the form below and a grocery card will be left for you at the school front office with further instructions on how to load and use it.
Thanks for your support, and happy shopping!

How to use your grocery card:
BEFORE scanning your first item let the checker know you want to reload (add value to) your card. Safeway and King Soopers cards can also be reloaded at the Customer Service Counter. Use a credit card, cash or check to load your card with any amount up to $500 at a time. Then use the card to make your purchases. It’s that easy! For every $100 loaded onto the card, Centennial earns $5-7!

Request a Grocery Card

Grocery store you would like a card from:

How would you like to receive your card?