Centennial PTO Minutes – April 25, 2019

Call to order: We reviewed what PTO does.  

In attendance:  Nicole Benjamin, Tina Rice, Diane Jones, Ann Goldwasser, Marla Bachrach, Megan Boyle, Vicki Blair, Cori Chavez, Liza Weems, Ann Thomasset, Emily Sellergren, Erin Vito, Hillary Culbertson, Kim Decker


Rise activity:  Say your name and your favorite food….

  • Ann’s favorite food is anything Thai.  
  • Nicole:  any roasted vegetable dipped in tahini sauce
  • Emily loves sushi and salmon.
  • Tina’s favorite food is pizza.
  • Diane is a sweet tooth person.  Great Harvest cinnamon rolls.
  • Marla loves halibut.
  • Meghan loves raw oysters.
  • Vicky Blair loves all food.  Loves the adventure of trying new things.
  • Cori loves sushi.  She also loves beans with green chili.
  • Kim loves black cod soaked in a miso sauce.  

Approval of the minutes from last meeting

Kim moves to approve the minutes from last meeting.  Tina seconds. All are in favor. None are opposed or abstain. Minutes are approved.

President’s report – Kim 

Testing snacks happened.  Thanks Tina. Bicycle Bells and Bike to school happened yesterday!  Parent Education Speakers – thank you Emily. We updated the FAQ’s in English and Spanish.  Honor Roll and rise snacks for movie night – thanks Vicki. 5th grade Transition night is coming and teacher and staff appreciation for the week of May 6th.  We are preparing cards for retiring staff. They will also get $20 Boulder Bookstore gift cards. 6th and 7th grade last day of school treats and 8th grade continuation reception and treats at the Elks Club are all in the works.

Treasurer’s report – Diane

Diane has a copy of the treasurer’s report if anyone wants it.  We can also post on the website. We took in more money than expected and people are coming in under budget on many line items so we were able to give the school $2000 last week to do as it wants.  As we pay for end of year expenses, if we have anything left over that amount will also go to the school. 

Meet Hillary Culbertson Spanish Teacher 

Hillary teaches Spanish here and is Families &  Educators Together (FET) Leader and sponsors/coaches Boys Cyclones indoor soccer club.  She teaches Spanish 1B and a class called Spanish Language Arts for students who already speak Spanish at home but are working on literacy and reading and writing in their native language.  

FET came to the school this year to incorporate voices of our Spanish speaking families into our school and work on communicating with those families.  We meet once a month and have between 10-15 families who come regularly. We are currently planning an event for those families.  

Hillary and Mr. Steinberg together (for the third year) are coaching indoor soccer club.  Hybrid of playing indoor soccer and grades. Boys must have all C’s or higher to be able to play.  Tied in grades to their passion for soccer. We took the boys to a Rapids game. Some Latino boys came to Hillary asking for a way to get to play soccer since they lacked financial resources to play in some of the private programs through the city and this program was born.  

Adelante program is after school 3 days a week.  A program to support with homework help. 6th and 7th graders come in and work on homework for an hour.  

Latino parents want to get to know the teachers better.  Event in May will get teachers together with a lot of the families and their students to play games and start to cross language barriers.  Event will be mostly in Spanish.  

Kim asks if PTO FET liaison is helpful.  Hillary says it was helpful. Goal eventually is that they are not completely separate groups working in separate circles.  Goal is to come together in common goals. Parents that FET are working with haven’t had a voice for a really long time.  

Cori says at Columbine they would have get togethers that were big parties and everyone would bring food and it was a huge sense of community that was awesome.  What is Hillary’s recommendation for PTO to try and bridge the gap? This year Hillary says we are really focusing on events just for that community and next year we will try to work together.  Let’s get to know one another!  

Present Budget 2019-20 – Diane

Kim and Diane present budget.  Income of $16,010 is based on what we brought in this year.  We will keep our fundraising push about the same. We moved expenses around based on this year’s experience.  


  • Events/Program $5,650
  • Recognition staff teachers volunteers $3400
  • Community Donations $1070
  • Cost of Sales Spiritwear and grocery cards $3400
  • Administration marketing, fees, D&O insurance $1990
  • Other requests $500
  • Reserves of $3500 to start the year with.  (This year we didn’t have to tap into our reserves at all).

We’d love to hear your comments on the budget over the next month and we will seek to approve the budget at next month’s meeting.

Our goal is at end of year to give all extra (exclusive of reserve) to the school. 

Learn about PAC at Boulder High School – Erin Vito

Erin is here as a member of PAC.  She is on its communications committee.  (Erin has been behind the scene as our school’s webmaster, graphic designer and merchandise specialist).  

Boulder HS has a great PAC.  There are some open positions.  The most needed position is a translator for the newsletter.  PAC also needs a co-chair. PAC also needs help on their fundraising team.   They could use help on their grocery card program. Meetings are Wednesdays 5:30-7.  There are 6 meetings a year.  

PAC got a grant from Beautify Boulder so if anyone loves gardening, there is quite a budget for beautifying the campus.

Other ways you can get involved at BHS are Panther Club (if you have a sporty kid).  They have their own fundraising. It is a big group of people who raise money and support sports.  

Also, IMPA (instrumental music parents association) is a great way to stay involved if you have a kid in music at BHS.

Tina says she went last night to the PAC meeting and Dr. Hill spoke about drugs in our community.  She said it was a great meeting.


There is a parent book club at BHS.  They meet at Alfalfas.  

Program Coordinator reports –

Yesterday was bike/walk to school day.  We had bells and lights. We had burritos and Bobo’s oat bars.  

PTO roles – Nominations? – Bring a friend May 9th

President position is open (Madelyn may be interested).  Past President is Kim Decker, Mindy has indicated she is open to being fundraising chair.

President*: Open
Vice President*: Open
Past President*: Kim Decker
Treasurer*: Diane Jones
Secretary*: Open
Events Chair*: Open
Fundraising Chair*:  Nomination pending
Marketing and Communications Chair*: Open
Welcome Coffees: Tina Rice
Honor Roll R2ISE Ceremonies: Ginger Barnes (8),  Tina Rice (7), OPEN (6)
New Family Welcome: Stasi York, Ann Thomasset, Marina Diaz
Staff Appreciation: Tina Rice
Parent Book Club: Kim Decker

  • Parent Engagement Network (PEN) Rep: Megan Boyle, Emily Sellergren
  • Student Accountability Committee *(SAC) Rep: Diane Jones
  • Green Star School Representative: OPEN
  • Student Council Rep: Vicki Blair
  • Spiritwear Coordinator: OPEN
  • Bike/Walk to School Coordinator: Natalie St. Denis
  • Webmaster: Erin Vito
  • Grocery Giveback Cards Coordinator: OPEN 
  • Families and Educators Together (FET) Liaison: OPEN

Cori is grocery card coordinator.  It is such an easy way for the school to make money.  Cori has done a lot of the back end work. So, if someone comes in and does one push in the fall to let families know.  If somebody wants a card, they contact Cori. You direct them to the website to fill out a form. Cori gets that information and signs them up, gives them a card.  The stores send the money to PTO at the school. Diane says at Safeway, for every $5000 that gets loaded on cards, the school gets a check for $250. Such an easy way for school to raise money!    5th grade transition night might be a great time to give out cards!

PEN/ Parent Education Speakers – Emily/Kim

Tonight is an event here at CMS.  Emily has heard the talk before. Avani is terrific!  This is called “Natural Highs: Healthy Alternatives to Drugs and Alcohol.”  Emily was going to quit her job as PEN rep but she’s getting an award so she will keep going.  

Next year they are talking about doing PEN a bit differently.  They are looking to schools to host a series of events. CMS may be a host school for that.  We are required as a school to do Tech talks. John and Emily talked about Passage Works too.  We are forming ideas for next year. We had 60 people come to that technology panel we had in March.  We are gaining momentum.

John says PEN really helps us work together as a community.  

This Saturday night is the GALA fundraiser for PEN.  Look on PEN website for details.  

Book Club – Kim

Friday May 3rd 8:45-10am Final Parent Book Club – Kim Decker’s House.  The book is: “For Goodness Sex: Changing the Way we talk to Teens about sexuality, values and health”

Safety Initiative – Volunteer

We purchased 200 bicycle bells to give away at bike/walk to school event yesterday.  A meeting happened with a lot of agency people. Should we paint signs on the sidewalk?  Anyone interested in helping with this? There is a meeting May 1st at 3:30 safety initiative at school.  Come if interested.

Questions for John

Tomorrow night is movie night at CMS 6:30-8;30 for 3.5 and up honor roll students. 

Sunday, a crew is coming from the County Jail to clean out the courtyard.  Then, we will start implementing the design that the CU design folks gave us.  We need parent support on this one!  

Volleyball court bid came in way too high at $16,000.  So, seeking more bids.  

New business* – Giveaway item 

Vicky Blair gets a water bottle!

Announcements- limit them to one minute.  – 2 min

We need volunteers!  See helpatschool.org to sign up or tell Kim or Tina to sign you up!  We need help on May 23rd Morning helpers to set up balloons and decor, coffee/tea reception for 8th grade families in the cafeteria after the continuation ceremony.  We need volunteers to help with water station for 6th and 7th graders on their field day at CMS. We also need a few volunteers to help set up the Elks Pool area, transport the field games for indoors, playing cards, board games for non-swimming activity.

Tina says on the 22nd, there is an 8th grade excellence awards ceremony for rise.  Each teacher will give one award. There will be other one off kind of things too. We won’t do cyclone citizens that night.  In continuation program, we will asterisk cyclone citizens. John could use some help creating programs. Invites will go out.  

On the 23rd, there is graduation ceremony in the morning.  8:30 doors open. Parents and students mingle in the cafeteria with snacks and coffee provided by PTO.  Kids get their yearbooks John will send out a schedule. Ceremony is from 9:15-10:15. Then, kids leave at 10:30-10:45 because at 11:00 kids return to their rise group and we will have a barbecue here.  Then, they walk over to the Elks. John would love some parent volunteers at the Elks too. Tina asks about a rain plan. John says they have the big room at the Elks available.

Vicky has a helium tank that she’d be happy to donate for the party decorations.