Centennial PTO Minutes – May 16, 2019

Call to order

In attendance:  Nicole Benjamin, Ginger Barnes, Cori Chavez, Ann Thomasset, Ann Goldwasser, Mindy Kefer, Michelle Trudgeon, Tina Rice, Vicky Blair, Diane Jones, Kim Decker, Megan Boyle, Liza Weems, Amy Chan, John McCluskey.  We have a quorum!!


We turn to our neighbors and talk about our favorite summer activity.

Approval of the minutes from last meeting  

Kim moves to approve the minutes.  Megan seconds. All are in favor. Minutes are approved!

President’s report – Kim 

Here’s what PTO did in May:  We did teacher and staff appreciation, 5th grade transition night, get to know the PTO tea/coffee (we got 5 or 6 new people at that gathering), Retirement acknowledgements ($20 Boulder Bookstore gift cards and signed greeting cards), Volunteer Acknowledgements, 6th and 7th grade last day of school popsicles, and 8th grade continuation reception and treats.

Thank you to all volunteers!

Treasurer’s report – Diane 

We are still doing great!  We were able to give an extra $2000 directly to the school a few weeks ago.  After all the rest of the bills come in and are paid, we will donate the rest to the school as well (but keep our reserves).  John has a list of identified needs around the school that fit with our PTO mission statement.  

Approve Budget 2019-20 – Diane

Paper copies of the budget for next year are available at the meeting for review.  It is also the same as had been presented at last month’s meeting: 

Ginger moves to pass the budget for next year.  Kim seconds. All are in favor. None are opposed and none abstain.  Budget is approved! 

Celebration and Thank you – Kim

Kim thanks everyone. Kim is happy to help figure out how to do it better next year.  School is better for having us and our energies. Kim distributes everyone’s super Sheros!  We women are powerful!  

Program Coordinator reports – 

Nominations and approval for President and Secretary – Megan

Megan polls everyone to see who has kids here next year.  Megan was vice president this year but can’t be president next year.  Megan and Amy have been talking about ideas for splitting the Presidency amongst several people.  We can get creative. Megan’s 8th grader is going to Holy Family. She will have 3 kids at 3 different schools so Presidency is too much at this time.  Mindy Kefer wants to be fundraising chair. We must have a president and secretary to be official. Diane says that the CU student body has a three-way leadership.  Technically, our bylaws required this be figured out by next Thursday. Amy asks about Secretary. This past year we have roughly had 2 meetings a month (general and executive), however, we may move to one meeting a month.  Kim says President is about 10 hours a month but a lot more in the fall. Ideally, the Vice President takes over the next year as President. The Vice President comes to meetings and sees how things go and learns. The Vice President is also a buddy to bounce ideas off of for President.

Marketing and communications chair will do the newsletter with Mail Chimp.  Kim would be willing to jump into this role if necessary.  

Amy knows of someone who might want the Secretary position, however he could only start meetings at 9:30. 

Ann Thomasset says she’ll take on the co-Presidency.  Vicky will be her silent backup person but not in official name.  

Kim formally nominates Ann Thomasset for President and Mindy Kefer for fundraising chair, Michelle Trudgeon for Secretary, Diane will continue as Treasurer.  Ginger seconds the nominations. All are in favor. None are opposed and none abstain. The nominations are approved.

Ann Goldwasser has stepped up to be green star school representative.  Spiritwear Coordinator may still open. Brooke Lewis will do Grocery cards coordinator.  Gabriella Schuler will do FET Liaison.  

End of School Help – All Grades

We need help with water stations for 6th graders.  We need help to hand out Kona ice tickets to 8th graders at the Elks.  Over the summer we need help sprucing up the courtyard. All positions are listed on Help At School.

Check-in Day – Signup on HelpAtSchool

August 12th!

Questions for John

John reports that all is well.  A communication to 8th grade families will go out with details on continuation ceremony.  Don’t bring bags but bring suit and towel and sunscreen and water! We have a good plan. Will be a wonderful day.  How do we end positively? Kids start to have some separation anxiety and learning how to say goodbye is something we haven’t traditionally taught and we are adding that into our rise activities.  Now is a chance to get some closure and be thoughtful about the transition. Do it well!  

Several potential hires are still with the HR department.  Mr. Daly is retiring. We have an amazing replacement for him (although nobody can really replace him).  Ms. McDaniel has been a quiet champion of computers, coding and robotics. We will miss her a ton too. We have a great next person for that role.  

The math teacher is coming to us from a really interesting high school in Chicago.  She will replace Ms. Hullinger who will take leave for a year.  

We have two half time positions that have been posted:  one is half time Spanish because Mrs. Culbertson will move to focusing on ELD.  The other is because Ms. Rosado will be a half time dean.  

New assistant principal is Liz Tucker coming from Eldorado.  She will be phenomenal.  

We have also posted a half time art teacher.

Mr. Maza will also take a year to go teach internationally.  So, there will be a temporary position there. The district may have someone for us for that position.

John thanks Kim for all her work.  John gives Kim a cool pair of socks and some chocolate.   Megan has been hugely supportive of helping John look at issues differently.  John gives Megan some gum and chocolate. John gives Diane (treasurer) a hundred grand bar.   John gives Nicole Charms and chocolate. John gives Tina popcorn jelly bellies (keeping it gluten free).  John gives our fundraising chair a Payday! John says Vicki shows up so much and does so much and he gives her Chuckles!

Kim thanks John with his Oblivion superpower!

New business* – Giveaway item 

Liza gets a pair of Centennial pants!