Upcoming PTO Meeting

Thursday, January 23rd from 9:15-9:45 am at CMS (in the library).  All members of the Centennial community are welcome.  Miss our November meeting?  Our slides including helpful links from November are now available.  

Join us for the Parent Book Club

February 7th 8:45-10:15am Conference Room

Sweet Spots: Helping Your Kids Find ENOUGH in Their Lives

by Suzita Cochran

Only available on Amazon, several copies are floating around our group or check the zen den.

Cochran integrates simple living, current psychology research, and a mother’s humility. Sweet Spots uses many of her own and her clients’ parenting experiences to highlight the scarcity thinking that has gripped our culture–the Hurry, you’re already behind! attitude. The Bigger! Better! More! attitude. If I can’t get my daughter into that particular preschool, she’ll never get into a good college!

The local Boulder author will be joining us!
Facilitator Kim Decker

Check out the books for the year.

Volunteer Sign-up and Directory

Volunteering allows the school to devote more time to working with students in the classroom and helps build a community of support. The PTO works with staff to coordinate volunteer needs in the school.

Go to HelpAtSchool.org to check out current volunteer needs and sign up for the directory.

Fuel the Cyclones

Your donation directly supports the Centennial Middle School community.

Suggested donation is $65 per student.

Grocery Card Program—Lucky’s, Safeway and King Soopers!

Get a free $5 re-loadable grocery card from Safeway or Lucky’s from Centennial. The school receives 5% of the amount you load onto the card for Safeway (7% at Lucky’s). Designate CMS PTO on your King Sooper’s loyalty card.

Request a grocery card now!